How We Approach Training for the Olympics As the Family of a Competitor

I never actually knew what went into training for the Olympics until our child showed an ability in skiing. It seems to be a natural sport to do here in Colorado, and we actually have an incredible training facility that has top-notch personal trainers. I ski in the winter, but I do not train in the summer to be able to ski in the winter. When you are planning on qualifying for a spot in the Olympic competitions, you need to be better than anyone else in the world. That requires some form of training every single day.

You need to train your muscles, your mind, your diet and on top of that train in the mechanics, gear and nuances of your chosen sport. Skiing requires an incredibly powerful trunk and legs. You need to train your muscles appropriately for what they will be called on to do. If I was going to be a champion weightlifter in curling, then I would concentrate on training the specific muscle groups involved. In skiing, you need that leg and trunk strength, so your workout routines work on that. Plus, you need balance and stamina to round out the perfect training regimen for training for the Olympics.

The Denver sports trainer we hired to train our son in skiing helped him train his body to do the moves his Olympic ski instructor teaches him. The ski instructor told him that he needed to be able to do the moves from the first day, and that is why summer training at the gym was so critically necessary. Our daily routines all centered around a regimen to get our son to the Olympics to compete as a skier. He was the talent, and we are all his support. From the trainer to the instructor to his little brother that wants to be like him, we are all a part of his Olympic training team.