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Body Shapers Will Never Replace the Value of A Balanced Diet

Body shapers are phenomenal tools to both lose weight and improve a person’s body image. There is nothing like them on the market. Hundreds, even thousands of testimonies on the web, reflect that a good body shaper does deliver everything that it promises and more. Despite the phenomenal features of the garment I do not want to give the impression that a body shaper is the be-all, end-all solution to your weight-loss needs. Sure you want to lose weight and look great, but once weight-loss is achieved it can only be maintained through a good diet and proper nutrition.

Changing the way a body looks on the outside without changing the dietary habits that caused it to put the weight on in the first place is what I call “white-washed health” that will ultimately set you up for failure and disappointment. Yes body shaping garments are wonderful, but don’t lose sight of the fact that there is a good, solid reason that companies like Ardyss International promote vitamin and nutritional supplements along with the body shapers. The cold hard fact is you cannot maintain a healthy weight by wearing a body shaper every day of your life, any more than you can achieve healthy weight loss by continually going on the fad diet of the month. Proper weight management is and will always be the outgrowth of a balanced lifestyle fueled by a healthy diet and proper nutrition.

Why is this? I am not a medical expert, but I believe that it is because our weight related functions, such as appetite and metabolism, operate at their optimal level when they are receiving a regular intake of vitamins and minerals. Continual dieting by restricting certain foods, either by quantity or quality, can deplete the body of one or more essential vitamins or minerals required to properly metabolize foods and maintain proper weight. These nutrients can be replaced most efficiently by supplementing a balanced diet with quality vitamins and minerals.

To conclude there is a demand to go beyond the image of health to a place of ultimate health. Despite all of the weight-loss fads, gimmicks, and potions, we cannot get away from the fact that by design we are human organisms that require specific fuel to achieve optimal performance. An automobile cannot run on cheap, watered down gasoline for very long. Performance will suffer and ultimately it will breakdown. Likewise a body fueled with a steady diet of high fat and sugar filled food, will not perform well and it will ultimately break down.

I speculate that there are bodies in the morgues across the nation today that would have benefited from these few simple bits of dietary information. There may even be a few that spent their last days wearing a body slimmer and looking good. Unfortunately it is too late to help them. If you are reading this article, then you still have time to rethink your nutritional make up. Make this the day that you take responsibility for your life and health. Make this the day that you begin to lay the nutritional groundwork for an exceptionally healthy life.