The Tony Diet is Called the Alkaline Diet

Do you know that the Tony diet is also known as the alkaline diet? Anthony “Tony” Robbins is a great book author and motivational speaker of our time. He teaches about peak performance, health and energy, overcoming fears, persuasive communication, and enhancing relationships. He is also a big advocate of the alkaline diet. Why? Primarily because it works. Alkaline diet is like a miracle diet that you keep on doing. Unlike those other crash diets and yo yo diets, alkaline diet really works to make your body slimmer and healthier.

Remember that Western diet is already very acidic. This acidity ruins the delicate balance of our body. Once our inner structure are in a state of imbalance, we will become sicker and sicker if we do not do something about it. An imbalance in our inner terrain will have symptoms of low energy, always feeling sick and tired even with complete bed rest, memory loss, poor performance both at home and at work, and a lot of symptoms from major illnesses.

If you have the following symptoms, the best way to act is to ask your doctor about. I’m sure that your doctor will tell you to change your lifestyle and junk all of your unhealthy habits.

Here are ways to regain your health right away.

1. Junk any unhealthy habits like drinking and smoking. Excessive drinking can lead to liver cancer among other sickness. Smoking can lead to lung cancer among other lung related illnesses. getting rid of these unhealthy habits will allow your body to heal and remove the acidity and toxins away from your body.

2. Exercise daily, or if you can’t, at least regularly. You can get into sports like touch football. It is fun to play it with your buddies. Plus you will get the benefit of a full body workout. Remember that a sedentary lifestyle may seem comfortable at first, but being healthy will make you live your life better.

3. Eat fruits and vegetables. Include fruits and vegetables in your daily diet to get the needed vitamins and minerals the natural way. Vegetables are also great for cleansing the body of toxins and other poison. It also helps moisturize our body from within.