Tips That Make Your Body Slimmer

First and foremost, with a new undertaking and an ambitious one at that it is important to set yourself a clear goal. So you should decide how many pounds you want to lose. Of course, each individual’s body has its own rate of response, determined by a number of factors: gender, age, nutritional and dietary history, and heredity. This is why it is difficult to say how many pounds a week you will be able to lose. Some people may shed two pounds, others a bit less. And some people experience a dramatic weight loss at first, followed by more gradual loss. So do not worry if it takes you longer than someone else you know. Perhaps you already have a more or less clear idea of how much you would like to lose. Many people would be happy to get rid of, say, half a stone to a stone, when really they could do with shedding twice that much. Personally, I would encourage you to aim high. After all, you are no doubt a perfectionist in your work. Why not be a perfectionist about your figure too?

I will give you some tips to have in mind when you decide to start losing weight:

Never mix bad carbohydrates (white bread, Hour, starchy foods) with lipids (meat, fats, oils) in the course of a meal.

Avoid all carbohydrate-lipids (chocolate, avocado, liver, nuts, chips, pastries).

Eliminate sugar completely from your diet.

Eat only unrefined flours.

Eat only wholemeal bread, 100% stone ground or with bran, made from unrefined flours (and then only for breakfast).

Forget about potatoes, especially chips.

Forget about white rice.

Eat only (and in moderation) wholegrain or wild rice.

Never eat pasta made with refined flours. Eat wholewheat pasta.

Introduce pulses into your diet, especially as a main supper dish.

Avoid strong coffee. Get into the habit of drinking decaffeinated.

Never skip a meal. Spread your food intake over three meals, preferably always taken at the same times.

Take your time to eat. Chew food well and try to relax over meals.

Eat plenty of dietary fibre: salads, pulses, green vegetables, fruit.

Try to avoid alcohol.

If you follow these tips you will reach your weight loss goal.